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Customized and Decorative cuts

I offer an array of customized and decorative cuts for mattes. The example to the left is  one of several styles available.  Although this example is shown in a vertical cut, all mattes can be done in horizontal format as well.

This illustration is designed for a single photo or print and is sized to fit an 11"x14" frame.

The cost for this matting style and size is priced at $26.25   shipping not included.

Larger mattes would be slightly higher due to the increased size of matting board -- I will be happy to offer estimates based upon your size or related options.

Choice of matte colors are always your option.

Below and on the following pages are several matte formats with customized cuts, each will vary in price according to size and style.  I will be most happy to give you a quote on any customized matte.  As a rule, these mattes are designed for 1 photo or item. Please inquire on exceptions or modifications.

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