Frame and Matting Services

                                                                                                                                                     I'm proud to offer many frame and matting options. I have provided this service to many  collectors, dealers and local business professionals. I will gladly matte and/or frame any print or photo you purchase from or any selections from your own collection, at the same reasonable rates.  Although I do not quote framing rates on this page, that service is available also.  Because of the considerable variance in the cost of frames due to size, quality and texture  -- it will be necessary to discuss this option with you on a personal basis. Please feel free to email me your questions or concerns.

While some collectors wish to send their collectibles to me for complete assembling, others wish to order only the matte boards cut to their specifications. Both options are available with no extra charge.

Please Note :

   *  If you wish to ship your prints, signature cards or other images for complete assemblage. Always -  insure your package and double check all address information.  Please include any specific questions or instructions.

   *  If you do not wish to ship your prints, signature cards or other images, you will need to photo copy your photos and documents in exact dimension.  The mattes will be cut to the specifications of your photo copies and other instructions.  Upon completion, the mattes will be shipped with instructions on assembling them with your photos or other documents

Prices and  Samples :

Prices will of course vary on size, number of matte boards requested and the number of images or items inserted into the matting.  Each matted ensemble will come with a foam core backing and either a single, double or triple matte combination.   "V" grooves are complimentary.  Please continue forward for examples of matte formats and prices.