Thank you for visiting my autograph website.   I would like to introduce myself by making a few comments about myself and my work with autographs.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me anytime, or if you like, contact me at (239) 898-4383.     

I live in Port Charlotte, Florida which is located on the Gulf coast in the south-western portion of the state. 

I began autograph collecting in the early 1990's as a project for the children I teach in the Lee County School District.  It was an exciting adventure for my students and soon I found myself captivated with a wonderful new hobby.

Through my friendship with J.D. Bardwell and Al Wittnebert, I became a member of the U.A.C.C. (United Autograph Collector's Club) and I am a firm believer in the organization's policies on ethics.  This is especially true for dealers like myself that hold membership in their Registered Dealer's Program.

I travel to many autograph shows throughout the United States during the course of each year.  The autograph shows give me an opportunity to purchase autographed photos directly from the celebrities that attend these events.  It is always exciting to meet many of the stars that I watched as a child, as well as many of the newer celebrities.

Although most of the autographed photos I carry in inventory, I have obtained at personal signings -- still others must be purchased from reputable dealers.  With all autographs other than those I directly purchase from the celebrities, I am extremely careful and selective.  I deal only with U.A.C.C. registered dealers of high ethics.  

As a dealer, I hold the same values for the items I sell.  Every autograph is guaranteed to the purchaser's complete satisfaction.  If, for any reason, someone is not completely satisfied, simply notify me and return the item for a complete refund of the purchase price.

Aside from being a teacher and working with autographs, I work frequently with art, matting, framing and canvas transfers.  Many customers which purchase autographs, also request the photo to be matted and/or framed. 

Hopefully, I have given you a little insight into my personality and background.  But, if you have any questions or comments - please email me with your thoughts.

Thanks so much and enjoy visiting the categories listed on my homepage.